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One of the Best Code 8 Movie. Code 8 released in 2019 and ready here as video to watch online for free. This is a great easy to watch movie. Nicely paced and with a more down to earth take on people with powers. Story is pretty basic but it works and keeps your attention. I am a fan of the Amells so I may be a bit biased but I thought Robbie did an excellent job, may be my favourite performance other than The Duff. Stephen was also good but if you’re an Arrow fan you may have a hard time seeing him as someone other than Oliver Queen. I would definitely be interested in this world becoming a franchise!

Cast and Crew:

Complete Code 8 Movie Cast:
Robbie Amell
Stephen Amell
Sung Kang
Alex Mallari Jr.
Aaron Abrams
Watch Code 8 Full Film Free Online Story by:
Jeff Chan

Movie Code 8 Introduction:

Very well-made sci-fi movie with a real portrayal of what life would be like if people were born with powers. Unlike the other reviews I’ve seen, I felt that the pacing was a bit too slow (since I find myself fast forwarding through certain scenes since they were of little importance). Overall, story was decent and definitely worth your time. Sci-fi films need to take inspiration from Code 8, on how to do the genre justice. Especially more so, given the low budget that this movie has!

Code 8 Watch Online Details:

I thought the trailer made Code 8 look like it was gonna be pretty bad, but I liked the premise, and I wanted to see what Stephen Amell could do in a 2019 feature film, so I gave it a chance, and while I don’t think it was great, it was better than I had been expecting. There were some bits that sort of reminded me of last year’s Darkest Minds, and that’s definitely a bad thing, but overall it was actually pretty decent. It goes for both the social commentary, and a *pew pew splodey zap zap* action crime thriller. It doesn’t work spectacularly as either, but it tries, and its failures certainly are not abysmal ones.

Watch Code 8 full movie Online Overview:

This film certainly did not disappoint and was very much worth the wait. I felt there’s potential for much more to be told. Maybe a longer ep series than they have planned so we can really get to know the characters we currently know and new ones alike. Also to find out some more of what’s going off from seeds that were planted during the film but we didn’t get to find out more off. Obv they were leaving that for a second film or this mini series to follow. It was a refreshing film on humans with powers and I enjoyed it and can highly recommend.

Public Remarks:

Not as good as expected. When i first saw the trailer i thought it was gonna be a good movie, it looked great and i was kind of excited. I also saw the short film a while ago and i loved it as well. So now after seeing it, it wasn’t bad but it just could have been better. It felt like it was an older movie and i thought that there would be more to it than what just happened in the movie. The characters and everything like that as well as the story was good and i liked it but i still thought it could have been better. I also like the whole idea of the superhero and all the different powers they all have, it has a good realistic take on all this and thats good. Also the robot police look like they are from titanfall of infinite warfare. Anyway i liked it overall it just could have been better.

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Code 8 Film

Code 8 Movie Conclusion:

Great Sci-Fi film. not too heavy on the CGI and the powers’ effects were very pleasant and subtle. storyline was pretty basic, but definitely worth every second. The pace of it was a little slow, and there were a few parts that really weren’t needed. However, great acting and certainly worth the 1hour and 35minutes.

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