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Its a Animated Family Movie Watch Batman Hush Full Movie Free Online. Personally I’ve been a huge fan the dc animation even with the occasional misses like that Harley Quinn and Batman movie and the poor Killing Joke, but this film def ranks up there in my top ten of the DC animated movies. Now legit just watched it so still combing through my opinion but with the hush comics the last ones I’ve read many years ago I still remember the biggest bits.

Cast and Crew:

Online Free 2019 Batman: Hush Full Movie Cast:
Jason O’Mara
Jennifer Morrison
Geoffrey Arend
Jerry O’Connell
Maury Sterling
Watch Batman: Hush Free Online Story by:
Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee

Movie Batman: Hush Introduction:

Watch Batman: Hush 2019 Full Movie Online Free in HD quality. Batman Hush is recent Hollywood film. I will say for those who have read it will be surprised to say in the least with some of the twists it throws at ya to make quite different. My favorite aspect was the focused storyline on Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. Def shed a different light on Batman. As for the voice acting, most of it’s fine. With Joker and Gordon being the weakest imo. Overall of you like the dc animated movies I feel you’ll probably enjoy. But if you a big comic book fan you may not care for some of the BIG changes from the original storyline.


From being a fan that grew up watching Batman Under The Red Hood, Batman Mask of the Phantasm. Batman Returns Part 1 and Part 2 and even Flash Point. I would say that this movie is up there in my top favorite DC animated movies. If I could rank it, it would probably be an A to an A+. Sure, its not better than Under The Red Hood or Flash Point, but I did enjoy my time.It was so nice seeing so many iconic villains. Bruce Wayne moments and Batman being a detective. I actually did enjoy the plot twist, because the way they did one character in the book was untrue to their intentions. The only downside is that the animation does not hold justice to the comic. Overall, it lived up to the hype and was worth a watch!

Watch Hush Batman Movie Online Overview:

A lot of hardcore DC comic fans of the original comics are going to get salty with the decisions they made in this 2019 adaptation. However, they do have a fair reason for making those changes. When the comic version first came out, no one knew who this Hush guy was. It was a complete mystery. Most of the suspense comes from the enigmatic situations and that Batman and audience had to deduce themselves on who the true puppet master was. However, in the present day, The comic has become sort of an icon. Now that it’s been a while almost everyone knows who Hush is, it’s Doctor Thomas Elliot, Bruce Wayne’s ex-best friend, out for revenge because Bruce’s father saved his parents’ life.

Public Remarks:

Ohhh man, I loved it ! I love the DC Animated Universe. I watch or purchase almost every release on the day that they become available to the public. That being said, I am a huge Batman fan. With ” Hush” being one of my favorite all-time Dark Knight stories and I am absolutely head over heels for this movie. It’s set in the current DCAU-quasi “New 52” iteration of these characters but remains true to the nuts and bolts of the original story. The animation is outstanding as usual and is very entertaining. I am happy to see a return to Batman after the outstanding job done with the recent “Death of Superman” films and hope to see a continuity of the as mentioned iterations of the characters. I believe anybody who has followed these movies will enjoy ” Batman Hush ” thouroghly.
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Batman: Hush 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

For any batman fan who likes him on the animated scenes, this is a strong movie. It has a lot of intrigue and mystery about the new villain in town and how he is going around and manipulating the rogues gallery. That being said for a someone. Who has read the comic and know who hush really is, well the change might not be that well.

Hush was a strong story, showing us the side of batman which we never get to see; his childhood and a friend. That played a vital role in the story of the comic and changing it might end up with us not seeing that part. That is the part which hurts this movie the most. Other than that the voice acting and the relationship of Selina and Bruce/Batman (Spoiler Bruce is the Batman XD) plays really well.

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