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Its a Genre Drama Movie Watch Sorry We Missed You Movie Online, A story which needed to be told to highlight the myth of record numbers of people in employment, but at what cost? Some of the acting however is pretty dire and it was like watching amateur dramatics at times. None of the subtlety or humor of I Daniel Blake, just an unrelenting good v bad scenario, rich v poor, boss v worker. Ken Loach always tells a story worth hearing but usually better than this. I wanted it to be good but afraid it just wasn’t.

Cast and Crew:

New Sorry We Missed You Full Movie Movie Cast:
Kris Hitchen
Debbie Honeywood
Rhys Stone
Katie Proctor
Watch Sorry We Missed You 2019 Free Online Story by:
Paul Laverty

Movie Sorry We Missed You Introduction:

Watch full Sorry We Missed You watch online, maningful film which is well worth going to see. The acting was brilliant, and the story was, unfortunately, true to life in our current economic climate/ gig economy. I will now have even more empathy and compassion for the people delivering my parcels, and will also donate more to food banks for the many hard working families who live on the poverty line.

It is so sad that the rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer, no matter how hard they work, just like the family in this film. Ken Loach is to be commended for making a film aimed at heightening our social awareness as opposed to one which will make him mega bucks!


This is a truly humbling experience, especially for those of us lucky enough not have got caught in the unspeakable – and unforgivable – downward spiral of zero hours contracts and all the lies surrounding this iniquitous way of life. Who else but Ken Loach is spelling this out with such unmistakable clarity and passion? Give him an OM or put him in the House of Lords where he would have an even wider public platform. He is far more worthy of both than many, if not most, of those strutting their stuff there.

Watch Sorry We Missed You Online Overview:

Excellent. A progressively-Sad journey of characters -who are so real (and likeable) it is so easy to sympathise/imagine if one was them, and to forget that they are actors… Indeed, great, naturalistic acting… For ‘sensitive idealists’ like me, such films make one feel heavy with sorrow, but there is such a beauty in it – it is good for the heart to bear such realities! A must-see before people vote in the UK election 🙂

Public Remarks:

As ever Ken Loach portrays the harsh reality of the inequalities in our society. The characters are relatable and the story is I’m sure a real lived experience for far too many among us.

It certainly opens your eyes to the behind the scenes reality of the person delivering your parcels to your door. I will now be as responsible as I can when given choices to be home for that delivery.
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Movie Conclusion:

There are quite a few reviews on here which miss the mark (or even the point) of certain aspects of this film. To anyone thinking of watching the film reading these reviews; the ending is jarring, but it’s also important and makes complete sense in terms of the story which is told.

Comments suggesting that the story “doesn’t go anywhere” are again missing the intention of the filmmaker here. This is a purposeful decision. There is a clear escalation of the situation which the characters are experiencing, (this is slow but again that isn’t accidental) to a point where you feel as a viewer that the family are stuck. It’s hard to see how things will improve and the family are in the position of many in this country. Where the problems faced by the parents seem inevitable for their children’s futures also.

This is the story which is being told and the ending plays a vital role in letting the viewer, know that this film isn’t about hope or the potential to break free from the shackles of our society. This film is about reality and any commenter saying “we know this is the case already” etc. are making a void point.

It’s a very good film with some flaws and if you can stomach the deeply troubling and relentless reality of it. Then you should buy a ticket and make your own conclusions.

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