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(Ratings: 4.5/5 Star – 89 Votes)

Motherless Brooklyn watch online free

Motherless Brooklyn Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Crime Drama Movie Watch Motherless Brooklyn Free Movie Online.Based on author Jonathan Lethem’s 1999 novel by the same name, ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ chronicles the life of an outlandish detective Lionel post his friend’s death. After a secret meeting with a group of men, things go sideways leading Minna to succumb to his bullet-shot injury inflicted by the aforementioned gang. Shocked and disappointed by his senseless murder, a visibly deranged Lionel (fondly called Brooklyn) vouches to take on the men that caused the death of the only person who cared about him.

Cast and Crew:

Crime Movie Motherless Brooklyn Full Movie Movie Cast:
Edward Norton
Bruce Willis
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Bobby Cannavale
Cherry Jones
Alec Baldwin
Willem Dafoe
Watch Motherless Brooklyn Free Online Story by:
Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem

Movie Motherless Brooklyn Introduction:

Watch full Motherless Brooklyn watch online, The first 5 minutes of this movie I was like Uh-Oh because it was verbose and the camera angles were not stellar – BUT, it got better and better and BETTER and ultimately was a fine film. Edward Norton, in his moments where you can’t tell he’s acting, is one of the best in the business. He was vulnerable and real and human and well just great! Interesting characters all around because it’s worth seeing just for the jazz scenes alone.

I was very impressed with the dialogue. It was intelligent and it surprised me that Norton also wrote the script. I am super picky about dialogue and found it interesting and intelligent. Would I recommend this film? Absolutely. It matters where you spend your dollars at the theater because this film is well worth seeing, supporting and recommending. Well done Edward Norton but I would definitely see his next directorial endeavor.


It is difficult to do a detective movie in this era of action film and be believable. Here, Edward Norton goes above and beyond because He doesn’t stop at playing it safe. He portrays an in-diagnosed autistic with a tick but If I were ever to advise an actor what role NOT to play, it would be a dick with a tick. But Norton’s genius shines. Sure, his narration gets sticky and audiences are taken aback by the in fluid tick.

Until you realize his nonrhythmic vibe syncs perfectly with jazz ensemble’s melodic coaxing later in the flick. Then you realize it was planned. Just sit back, and sink into that “huh” moment as you get sucker punched by superb acting, phenom supporting cast, and excellent directing in a surprise hit.

Watch Motherless Brooklyn Online Overview:

A little slow in parts, but once Motherless Brooklyn ensnared you in the story, you were hooked. This film had more twists and turns than an amusement park rollercoaster. Edward Norton was phenomenal playing a detective with Tourette’s Syndrome.

I liked that he didn’t try to make the character’s affliction one big joke, and in one scene with Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Norton’s character said the disease was like an anarchist. For a lot of Tourette’s sufferers, they’re in a constant fight with their brain and their body. And Mbatha-Raw never gets enough credit for her acting skills. She holds your attention so well. As a film-noir, I think Norton was spot-on with the directing, lighting and cinematography.

The costume designer captured the era perfectly. The only places where Motherless Brooklyn could have used a little help, is the sometimes rambling storyline and the dialogue (a bit syrupy and preachy). There were at least 4 scenes that weren’t needed to move the story along, and 3 scenes where we needed a little more. Overall, Motherless Brooklyn is a solid film with tons of very good acting. It’s worth the price of admission.

Public Remarks:

I don’t know what came first, the movie China Town or the book that inspired the script to Motherless Brooklyn, either way there are parallel story lines in both movies. Having said that Chinatown is one of my favorite films and I also enjoyed Motherless Brooklyn. Ed Norton gave a top notch performance that should get him an academy nod. The stellar supporting cast kept me engaged throughout the twist and turns of the story line. It missed 5 stars because in my opinion the story could have been shortened and the William Defoe character ended unresolved.
Reviewing Full Motherless Brooklyn Movie

Forrest Gump Film

Movie Conclusion:

This is a thinking person’s movie. You’ll need to pay attention consistently throughout. Much like a good novel that you can immerse yourself in. Norton was excellent portraying a second rate detective with Tourette’s syndrome. A role seemingly difficult to pull off. He played his part well. Although, I thought the characters in the movie were a little too forgiving about his Tourette’s.

I especially like the jazz music that pervades the movie and contributes to it’s film noir ambience. The scene where Norton imitates Wynton Marsalis trumpet riffs while in a drunken dream like state was enjoyable, and for myself, a jazz musician, entertaining. If you enjoy puzzling plots, you will enjoy this movie. The puzzle gets completed at the finale.

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