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Earthquake Bird 2019 Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Mystery Thriller Earthquake Bird Movie Watch Earthquake Bird Free Movie Online.I don’t know who are the ones giving this wonderful movie low ratings on IMDB or other such sites, but I must admit that this the best psychological thriller I have watched in a long time. What I liked the most about the movie is its deep characters and the convincing acting by the actors who portrayed them.

Cast and Crew:

Thriller Earthquake Bird Full Movie Movie Cast:
Alicia Vikander
Riley Keough
Naoki Kobayashi
Jack Huston
Watch Earthquake Bird Free Online Story by:
The Earthquake Bird
by Susanna Jones

Movie Earthquake Bird Introduction:

Watch full Earthquake Bird watch online, To begin with, I’m obsessed with Japan! So I liked this movie by default lol. But I loved how different and unique it is, how you can feel main character’s emotions without them even saying a word and of course beautiful Japanese nature <3 The only thing I would have added, is a little more explanation why Teiji did what he did. Wonderful movie, highly recommended!


It is slow and predictable, too many background stories that are not related to the plot. Except the story about the her brother and the nail.

As slow as it is, unlike other netflix bad movie, I did not check my watch nor pause to check online reviews. My fascination of the country and its culture may interfere with my review. The back to the 1990s or 1980s also does not bore me.

Watch Earthquake Bird Online Overview:

The plot is predictable about Teiji and Lily, basically “trust your instinct” when you are dealing with people. But the interview at the police station is a fascinating part aside from the beautiful scenery.

The way Teiji treated his camera at the beach is unacceptable just drop it like a hot potato without any care at all. Same goes with leaving her unattended on the cliff.

Public Remarks:

Why do all the movies I love on Netflix get terrible ratings? I didn’t think I’d enjoy this movie but I found every scene in it riveting. The acting was on point, the cinematography was impressive as was the direction and the music was amazing. Also really impressive to see a complex and three dimensional Asian character represented in modern cinematography. Great flick.
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Earthquake Bird Film

Movie Conclusion:

This movie is not just one of those cliched murder mysteries, it rather has a thought provoking tale to tell. The sense of guilt the protagonist feels is so contagious that you can’t get over it so easily. You must give it a try

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