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Lady and the Tramp full movie watch online free

Lady and the Tramp 2019 Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a 2019 Romantic Drama Movie So Watch Full Lady and the Tramp Movie Free Online. It was amazing, i watched it 10 times in 5 days.. i think they did a great job, because its not easy to recreate an animation in a real movie! Even if it wasn’t perfectly like the Disney one, its a good movie, with romance, and an amazing story! I honestly dont remember the original that much so yeah, but i fell in love with this movie

Cast and Crew:

Romance Lady and the Tramp Full Movie Cast:
Tessa Thompson
Justin Theroux
Kiersey Clemons
Thomas Mann
Janelle Monáe
F. Murray Abraham
Yvette Nicole Brown
Adrian Martinez
Ken Jeong
Watch Lady and the Tramp Free Online Story by:
Disney’s Lady and the Tramp by Erdman Penner, Joe Rinaldi, Ralph Wright, Happy Dan, the Cynical Dog, by Ward Greene.

Movie Lady and the Tramp Introduction:

I thought it was very well done! I’m guessing the biracial couple of Jim Drear and Darling and others throughout the movie, rubbed people the wrong way. And they feel like it’s a bit forced on them. Not just in this movie, but other Disney remakes as well.

But hear me out- I believe what Disney is doing is actually pretty great! I believe what they’re trying to do is make it look like how life would’ve and most importantly should’ve been like without slavery without segregation and without racism. I think it’s beautifully done! And it shows a lot of heart that went into it. If you look at it from that point of view, I believe you will love the movie even that much more! Plus let’s not forget, it’s also based in New Orleans not Orange County…


Let’s also not forget one thing, this its a children’s movie. Most of us want equality in our world and we strive for it for the most part. I can’t speak for all of us, but I assume most of us don’t want our children too see the color or someone’s skin to be looked at as a issue of class and where they should rank in our society.

And that is exactly what Disney is doing is trying to do. They’re progressively taking that in and moving forward instead of moving backwards or staying stagnant.

And before some of you get your Panties in a twist after looking at my last name, know a I’m a upper middle class caucasian woman and I married a biracial half Hispanic man; hence the last name. So I see both sides.

Watch Lady and the Tramp full movie Online Overview:

Dont understand why anyone would give this a bad review. The original Lady & The Tramp is in my top 3 favorite disney movies alongside The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians. The only thing I would have liked to see done better in this version is the cats–the animation was cheaply done and the new song was trash. Should have kept them siamese if you please! But these days people get “offended” over anything and everything. Oh well. Cried my eyes out sitting next to my Christmas tree; it was overall beautiful.

Public Remarks:

It wasn’t that bad tbh I liked the diversity they had in the actors as well as the acting and thought it was good besides the fact that they took out the scene with the beaver being how lady got her harness off, and also changed up the scene where the cats antagonized lady COMPLETELY which was a big bummer for me as that was one of the best parts of the movie.

Now this one is personal but the type of dog they had play tramp could’ve been a wayyyy better dog tbh he didn’t really look like the type to fit the “role” u could say to play tramp as he just seemed to be a lot older, kind of slow but still just as wise as they needed him to be, he also didn’t look lime intimidating or sly type of dog but lime I said earlier this was a personal feeling. Finally the ending should have been the same from in the movie where they had puppies which was sad when they didn’t because that’s what I expected from the original movie……. If they were to remake the same movie but add these adjuments it would be an A+/5⭐️ from ME!

Reviewing Full Lady and the Tramp Movie

Lady and the Tramp 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

In my opinion I loved the movie! I watched the old one before I did since I am a 2000’s kid and I just wanted to compare like everyone else. The old one, in my opinion, was boring. Sorry it just didn’t grab my attention and there wasn’t a lot of action. The only character I got was Tramp. Lady barely made the cut because no one actually had character character if that makes sense. In the new one, however, everyone had their big part at least once and I feel like Lady had a bigger part.

The bi racial couple I personally didn’t mind. I like the new cats as well it felt more mischievous. I really like how they kept parts from the movie like Tony’s and character names and stuff like that. There is also a lot of criticism on Jock. I love her character it was filled with life and she was hilarious.

You got to give Disney credit for keeping the same dog breeds and personality’s. Disney did a great job in this movie and I loved it. 9/10. The only part I will criticize was during the end when they didn’t introduce the pups and I was excited to see them at the end. So they end was a little disappointing, but overall, I recommend this movie!

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