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Its a orignal story based Movie Watch biopic Harriet Free Movie Online. I give this movie 5 out of 5 ?’s! I did a presentation on this extraordinary woman in my elementary years and I learned much more as of lately. It’s quite inspiring and to put such an important moment in history and to depict it in such a genuine way makes me feel hopeful.

Cast and Crew:

Biopic Harriet 2019 Full Movie Movie Cast:
Cynthia Erivo
Leslie Odom Jr.
Joe Alwyn
Janelle Monáe
Watch Harriet Free Online Story by:
Gregory Allen Howard

2019 Movie Harriet Introduction:

Watch full Harriet watch online, Hopeful because our country is finally beginning to accept this country’s truths and the events that have led it to the here and now. So much more to be said about all of this but this movie was hard to watch but also easy if that makes sense. I loved that they focused on Harriet’s spiritual connection in which I believe was a the main factor at bringing her to the life she had. Great inspirational movie about a moment in our country’s history. Definitely a movie I look forward to purchasing for my movie collection.


This movie was so well done it’s an instant classic! The movie was amazing. Still processing it all but undoubtedly gonna be a classic. I love how they focused on the more triumphant moments versus the same ol whoa is me narrative – which is valid, we’ve just seen it a million times. It was crazy weird how it opens your eyes to things like black slave catchers, and the elite societies of freed people designing and executing the Underground Railroad. Loved it.

Watch Harriet Online Overview:

This movie wasn’t heavily advertised but the best way to advertise is word of mouth. It has been the best movie that I have seen in 2019 thus far! Harriet’s story was masterfully told. It was tasteful and showed overcoming, resiliency, absent the gruesome maltreatment of others.

The performances were passionate. This is a movie that parents can take their children to see. All should support this movie , especially those who are direct descendants of. I am proud of this motion picture and will go see it again.

Public Remarks:

First and foremost let me start by saying CYNTHIA ERIVO IS A STAR !!! the movie was amazing. I cried multiple times in the theater, it was emotional on so many levels. The things slaves endured are unimaginable. Cynthia did a FANTASTIC job she portrayed Harriet very well.

Reviewing Harriet Movie

Harriet 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

I am so grateful for this beautiful film. I appreciate learning more about Harriet Tubman, and those sad times in our history; even though it depressing to remember the evil and the suffering, there was also widespread nobility, sacrifice, and heroism.

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