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Escape Room Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Mystery Drama Movie Watch Escape Room Full Movie Free Online. This was a commercially successful movie which would get sequel in 2020. So everyone should watch this fast paced intense psychological suspense thriller based on concept of escaping from rooms by solving puzzles in very short times in order to live.

Cast and Crew:

Mystery 2019 Escape Room Full Movie Movie Cast:
Taylor Russell
Logan Miller
Deborah Ann Woll
Tyler Labine
Nik Dodani
Jay Ellis
Watch Escape Room Free Online Story by:
Bragi Schut

Movie Escape Room Introduction:

Watch full Escape Room movie online free, Saw the movie last week and I have to say this one was one of the most thrilling and realistic one I’ve seen. The graphics are amazing and the rooms were definitely interesting for sure! I think everyone is able to at least connect to a character in the movie. Like Zoe who’s very shy and emotional, she was my favorite character and her acting skills were amazing!!

The beginning of the movie really leaves you at the edge of your seat and is worth watching till the end not to mention there’s tons of unexpected twists. Warning: if you are extremely afraid of heights one of the rooms will definitely make your stomach turn. Don’t listen to the bad reviews this is definitely worth watching!!!


The story of an escape room that can kill you isnt the most original thing, but it’s one that we’ve all been waiting for. The characters all have backstories that are almost a plot twist within itself, and the rooms are unique and scary at times. I feel like the overused cuss words was just put into the script to bump up the rating, and the amount of times they cuss in the first room (before it becomes very deadly) is unrealistic because most people wouldn’t cuss that much around strangers. The movie is compelling and the deaths all look and feel real. The movie does add humorous characters to lighten up the dark situation.

Watch Escape Room Online Overview:

This movie is surprisingly satisfying! Of course, you need to suspend belief in some areas but it’s more fun than watching guys or girls in tights flying through space! It’s mostly unknown actors and it works. Camera work is good, music is well chosen and who doesn’t love Downtown by Petula Clark! It’s rare to see music used so effectively like the scene of the upside down pool hall. It’s a memorable scene that is well put together and can rival more expensive sets from other similar movies.

Public Remarks:

– A comparable movie to Saw but with better sets, better music and a tighter script.
Reviewing Full Escape Room Movie

Escape Room 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

I’d give this movie 5 out of 5. It was PG-13ish, which I consider a plus because (even though there was mild language) I don’t feel like all the gore/unnecessary language/and sexual aspects are needed for a movie to be great. The story line was definitely intriguing. It touched on several different aspects of life & struggles that people deal with. The movie was well paced, the creativity of the rooms kept me guessing & looking forward to the next room. I would totally recommend this move to anyone looking for a mind game/thriller/action type of movie.

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