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Captive State Science Fiction Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Science Fiction New Movie Watch Captive State 2019 Free Movie Online. This movie is not a crowd-pleaser type of flick. It poses a question in audiences’ heads on what they are willing to do to regain their freedom in a situation like that. Would they want to fight or go along with the flow? This film is not concerned with how the aliens looked or their powers.

Cast and Crew:

Science Movie Captive State Full Movie Movie Cast:
John Goodman
Ashton Sanders
Jonathan Majors
Machine Gun Kelly
Vera Farmiga
Watch Captive State 2019 Free Online Story by:
Erica Beeney
Rupert Wyatt

Movie Captive State Introduction:

Watch full Captive State watch online, This movie deals with the aftermath of the invasion. With some part of the globe, rich people were able to continue with their lives, some went down to an extreme poverty. John Goodman is a surprise in this film.

His stoic presence is only a mask to keep up his cover. His eyes shows how torn he is on his pretense and what he’s about to do.


The task that was put on his shoulder is too great but it is something only he can do despite what it will cost him.

Vera Farmiga is stunning as always. Despite little screen time, she was able to convey everything with her character and leave us wanting more from her.

Watch Captive State Online Overview:

How did she get from being a school teacher to being a hooker? How were she able to come up with the plan? It is heartbreaking to watch Priscilla as she looks at Bill knowing how things will end for them. Like she said, there is no such thing as mistake.

There’s only fate. Over all, i enjoyed this film. It’s different and unique.

The characters are well-played and the storyline is superb that it still haunts me up to this day.

Public Remarks:

I loved this movie. It starts off post alien take over and leaves a lot to the imagination. So if you are looking for Independence Day, this isn’t your movie.
Reviewing Full Captive State Movie

Captive State Film

Movie Conclusion:

It’s a good movie. I don’t know why all the bad reviews. Probably because its more of a thinker film, mind bender if you’re not paying attention. It’s entertaining enough to keep you awake and not fall asleep while watching it from 3am-5am 😀 The story follows a terrorist cell, though this cell are the good guys! Going from one characters story to the next persons story, following the chain of communication. It’s rather good.

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