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Capernaum movie watch free online

Capernaum Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Drama Genre Movie Watch Capernaum Free Movie Online, A Cute little 12 year old, who can smile so beautiful, has played the big man with attitude and anger and grin for the sake of portraying a character beyond his age… The smile at the end is the best end to CAPERNAUM…Zain And Yonas(Treasure) have not acted.

Cast and Crew:

Drama Film Capernaum Full Movie Movie Cast:
Zain Al Rafeea
Yordanos Shiferaw
Boluwatife Bankole
Kawthar Al Haddad
Fadi Kamel Youssef
Nour el Husseini
Alaa Chouchnieh
Cedra Izam
Nadine Labaki
Joseph Jimbazian
Farah Hasno
Watch Capernaum Movie Free Online Story by:
Georges Khabbaz
Nadine Labaki
Michelle Keserwany
Jihad Hojaily
Khaled Mouzanar

Movie Capernaum Introduction:

Watch full Film Capernaum watch online, The technical crew of Capernaum has just walked through the streets and shot candid shots and edited in to a movie-Thats how we will experience while watching this epic war between an angry son who files a law suit against his parents, who are incapable of raising kids. The story revolves around illegal immigrants and the people of the slum in Beirut.

Zain leaves his home (he is 12) when is younger sister Sahar is married to Aasaad (Their master) and there he meets Tigest an Ethiopian refugee who is trying to get forged papers such that she can get everything for her 10 months old son, who otherwise will be taken away from her.Then when Zain comes to know that Sahar is dead, he stabs Aasaad for causing her death.


The relationship between Zain and Sagar and then the scenes between Zain and Yonas-Tigest’s son, never looked like they were part of cinema but we were just sitting near them and admiring these kids in our home.

When Tigest gets arrested and Zain steals a bottle of milk from a child to feed him, in a world which doesn’t give the basic necessities-Stealing cannot be called a crime until it’s a greed, Yonas rejects the milk, a 10 month old kid, why will he reject it? Left to audience imagination. But the scene, is a must watch and you will never see a better scene in world cinema than this between a 12 year old and a 10 months old.

Watch Overcomer Online Overview:

Capernaum is a Lebanese drama film about Zain El Hajj, a 12-year-old living in the slums of Beirut. The film is told in flashback format, focusing on Zain’s life and leading to his attempt to sue his parents for child neglect.

I must say Zain deserved all the Best Actor awards of 2018 more than anyone else. This kid has done an absolutely fantastic job in playing out the emotions of angst, frustration, love and camaraderie in the best possible way. There are lots of moving scenes in the film which were very tough to go through but the way movie ends is an absolute victory.

I wasn’t expecting it and it just shook me! I was in tears at the end and with sheer delight! Boluwatife Treasure Bankole who plays the Ethiopian kid is a masterclass too! To get such splendid work from 2 young kids is a stupendous achievement in itself.

Public Remarks:

The best movie i’ve ever watched in my entire life, it was too heartbreaking that it made me cry. The best cinematography that depicts real life stories, hardship and love. Very timely as our legislators would like to lower the age of criminality for children; this movie shows that a child, given supportive and loving environment will not want to commit any crime.
Reviewing Full Swinging Safari

2019 Capernaum Film

Movie Conclusion:

It was a hard movie to watch,held back tears a few times. Acting by zain was superb, the expressions on his face, the look in his eyes, you can see he went through hardships in life. Even though I held back tears at the theatre, I cried my eyes out when I was getting ready for bed later that evening, the thought that children can be going through such atrocities in refugee camps and here we are barely aware or doing much made me ashamed of being human, how did we get to this.

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