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(Ratings: 4.5/5 Star – 1789 Votes)

The Wandering Earth Full Movie

The Wandering Earth Full Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Science Fiction Full The Wandering Earth 2019 Movie Watch New Free Movie Online. In the future the Sun expands. In order to prevent the Earth being engulfed by flames, humanity gets together and moves the planet towards Jupiter, planning to use the latter as a sling to catapult Earth outside the solar system, toward a more liveable place. Moving towards Jupiter freezes the surface of the Earth and humanity goes to live in underground cities. Astronaut Liu Pei Qiang left the Earth 17 years ago, on a space mission related to the project to save the Earth, leaving behind his four-year-old son Liu Qi, who is 21 at present.

Cast and Crew:

Sci-Fi The Wandering Earth Full Movie Movie Cast:
Qu Chuxiao
Li Guangjie
Ng Man-tat
Zhao Jinmai
Wu Jing
Qu Jingjing
Watch The Wandering Earth 2019 Free Online Story by:
Gong Ge’er
Yan Dongxu
Frant Gwo
Ye Junce
Yang Zhixue
Wu Yi
Ye Ruchang

Movie The Wandering Earth Introduction:

Watch full The Wandering Earth online, Now that his father is meant to return, Liu Qi steals a special vehicle and together with his adoptive sister goes to the Earth surface to welcome his father. A lot of events follow in fast pace, leading to the successful slinging of the Earth en route to the stars, There, after 100 generations, our planet it will find a place to call home.


The characters are not really developed. Verdict: not among the best sci fi movies, which is the case with most of the latest productions in this genre (e.g. Gravity, Interstellar, Independence Day, cited in other comments, were all awfully bad movies). On the positive side, the idea that only cooperation among nations striving for the common good will save Humanity is a worthy concept to entertain, especially in the current global warming situation threatening our only home.

Watch The Wandering Earth Online Overview:

The science behind the movie is inaccurate to say the least (e.g. the timing and degree of expansion of the Sun, the feasibility of moving a planet our of its orbit, the consequences that this movement would have for the entire solar system, etc). The movie is visually tiring to watch: endless snow storms and flashes of explosion, which creates constant moving images and lack of focus on detail.

Public Remarks:

Mixture of feelings, neither good nor bad. It’s obviously filled with a lot of propaganda – such as the Russian friend, the focus on the collective good, and that one white guy in the movie who gets beat around a lot for being a white foreigner born in China.
Reviewing Full The Wandering Earth Movie

The Wandering Earth 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

Watching the story play out on the screen has been a deja vu for me. Wandering Earth, despite hints of CCP propaganda, manages to reveal the depth of Chinese philosophy — a heartbreaking attachment to the land, seeing Earth not as a disposable habitat but as a living and breathing being, a nurturing mother, and a womb for hope. The same philosophy is applied to the portrait of extended families and humanity. Collectively, we as a humanity retain the hope of saving planet Earth.

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