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(Ratings: 4.5/5 Star – 305 Votes)

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Reign of the Supermen Full Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Science Fiction Full Spider man 2019 Movie. These movies (TDOS/TROS) are some of the best DCAU movies to date. Loved the Death of Superman. Reign of The Supermen is a great continuation from The Death of Superman, but falls just short for me. Still very entertaining. If they could just do DC live action films like this. Watch them both! The Death of Superman- 9/10 The Reign of Supermen 8/10

Cast and Crew:

Sci-Fi Reign of the Supermen Full Movie Movie Cast:
Jerry O’Connell
Rebecca Romjin
Rainn Wilson
Cress Williams
Patrick Fabian
Cameron Monaghan
Jason O’Mara
Rosario Dawson
Watch Reign of the Supermen 2019 Free Online Story by:
Characters by DC Comics

Movie Reign of the Supermen Introduction:

Watch full Reign of the Supermen online, A fantastic follow up and on par with the death of superman. Loved the character development and the last third of the film felt truly epic. Animation as always from DC is candy for the eyes, especially when it came to the action. Highly recommend always watching both film’s back to back.


So I loved it! I’m a huge Superman fan as well as Lois lane and Superman. However having Wonder Woman come in as friend to Lois was hilarious. I liked the story And the happy ending. I will forever be a DC fan instead of marvel. Just continue to make better movies DC and we will be alright.

Watch Reign of the Supermen Online Overview:

Not bad. Death of Superman was better but when the 2 movies are seen together the plot makes sense and, it appears, the story is not over yet. I would have liked to see the mystery of the Supermen fleshed out more but what can you expect from a near 90 minute movie? Overall, highly entertaining.

Public Remarks:

I thought it was a good movie! Defiantly entertaining. Good action, good universe and I like the character portrayals of these super heroes. The Death of Superman was awesome, this was a decent follow up, it felt a little to quick BUT it was still entertaining in a good way. Steel was cool, Superboy was cool, Lois Lane was cool. Everyone was cool.
Reviewing Full Reign of the Supermen Movie

Reign of the Supermen 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

Yea so the end part was definitely better than the first half. it was a decent movie overall. The action scenes were great and the animation of the characters were spot on. The voice acting for some of the characters could have been better but im being picky at this part.

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