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Ride Like a Girl 2019 Movie:

Ride Like a Girl is a 2019 Australian biographical sports drama film directed by Rachel Griffiths and starring Teresa Palmer and Sam Neill. It is based on the true story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in 2015.

Cast and Crew:

Ride Like a Girl Full Movie Movie Cast:
Teresa Palmer as Michelle Payne
Sam Neill as Paddy Payne
Brooke Satchwell as Therese Payne
Sullivan Stapleton as Darren Weir
Magda Szubanski as Sister Dominique
Zara Zoe as Maree Payne
Sophia Forrest as Cathy Payne
Shane Bourne as Trevor Smart
Watch Ride Like a Girl AUS 2019 Free Online Story by:
Andrew Knight
Elise McCredie


Full Ride Like a Girl 2019 watch online: Ride Like a Girl is a wonderful, captivating, emotional and inspiring film. It does trot down that typical underdog story line but it’s executed with so much heart, love and passion.

The dialogue and screenplay are fantastic, the drama is engaging, Teresa Palmer gives an incredible performance and I thought it was really great that they got Michelle’s actual brother Stevie to star as himself. Overall an excellent movie. One of my favorites from the year. Please go see and support it!


Very true to Michelle’s book, Life as I know it. I adored this film, Stevie was a star and despite some harsh critic reviews, the cinematography was great (I loved the accident scene) and the race scenes were fantastic- realistic and no phoney horse neighing in it, from a horse persons perspective it was really well done.

I was worried that Hollywood airbrush might overly sanitize the reality of Michelle’s story but was pleasantly surprised. A must see Aussie classic.

“Ride Like a Girl” Both hubby and I love this movie, which we didnt expect because it was a free ticket. The act was superb and the son with Down Syndrome was played by the real brother! Everything and everyone is so natural.

Public Remarks:

I am like most parents in that I have done my duty with Disney films and now my daughters are in their teens. I don’t go to movies often as I have never been a comic book fan and that seems to be the lion’s share of cinematic offerings. Along came the school holidays and I wanted to share time with my 15 year old.

Initially I lacked interest in seeing Ride Like a Girl (basically a poor title for a film more about relationships) but thought it might be something “not Disney or Marvel” that we might like.

We went along to the Sunday session and the movie blew me away. My daughter would probably give it a 7/10 (a win). It takes a lot to make me tear up but towards the end I confess I choked. The final scene with father and daughter walking away was so sensitively done! / Reviewing Ride Like a Girl 2019 online watch.

2019 Ride like a Girl Australian Movie

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