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Jexi 2019: This is one hilarious movie and my friends and I were rolling on the the case of Freddie literally, that boy now has mustard on his britches. If you like low to medium brow humor see it. If you are one of the mindless sheep addicted to their phones it will offend you. I cannot recommend it too highly. see it.

Cast and Crew:

Watch Jexi Movie Movie Free Cast:
Adam DeVine, Alexandra Shipp, Michael Peña, Rose Byrne
Watch Jexi Movie Online Story by:
Jon Lucas, Scott Moore


Jexi 2019 watch online: Jexi is a 2019 American comedy film written and directed by JonLucas and ScottMoore. The film stars Adam DeVine, Alexandra Shipp, MichaelPeña, Rose Byrne, JustinHartley, Wanda Sykes, RonFunches, and Charlyne Yi.


I thought this movie was really funny and even though there are people who say irs “too ranchy” and that its “too inappropriate” for teens, they should remember that this is a R rated movie. Specifically meant for the purpose of showing ranchy material. Personally i loved this movie and thought that there was alot of great moments, would definitely recommend this if your into it.

I needed a good comedy and lots of laughs and this movie delivered! It’s rated R for a reason. My husband laughed so hard after the movie he was crying! Typical love story line but funny with the Jexi involvement!

Public Remarks:

Yes people are in love with their phones but you can’t compare a phone to a human beings friendship.

The writers did not have to use much brain cells to write this movie if you want to even put it in that category.

Language was very offensive and way to much attention to sex. No teens should watch this filth matter of fact don’t waste your money.

/ Jexi 2019 online watch.

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Jexi 2019 (Film)

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