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(Ratings: 4/5 Star – 309 Votes)

Don't Let Go watch online free

Don’t Let Go Online Watch Full Movie Free:

Its a Drama Movie Watch Don’t Let Go Free Movie Online. Detective Jack Radcliff gets a shocking phone call from his recently murdered niece Ashley. This movie came out at a time where we’d seen almost everything and didn’t have any interest in the big movie It 2 – We didn’t really know what to expect but it was pretty good.

Cast and Crew:

Don’t Let Go 2019 Full Movie Movie Cast:
David Oyelowo
Storm Reid
Byron Mann
Mykelti Williamson
Watch Don’t Let Go Free Online Story by:
Jacob Aaron Estes
Drew Daywalt

Movie Don’t Let Go Introduction:

Watch full Don’t Let Go 2019 watch online, The lead actor was pretty great. We both really liked him. He was a strong, classy, hard working cop who loves his family and has integrity. The young actress who plays his niece is great as well. Although it feels like you know who the bad guy is immediately, we just laughed at that. The end feels a bit abrupt but other than that, it was an enjoyable way to spend the evening.


The chemistry between Ashly and Uncle Jack was a breath of fresh air and the true relationship between the brothers was true to life. There’s always a good and bad sibling but in everyone’s family. It was hard to keep up with at times, but I enjoyed that I didn’t figure out who was who until the last part of the movie, it truly had me and family on the edge of our seats. Good job Storm Reid and David Oyelowo, hope you are recognized for the wonderful work you did with this project.

Watch Don’t Let Go Online Overview:

Don’t Let Go: Detective Jack Radcliffe (David Oyelowo) is devastated when his brother’s family is wiped out in an apparent murder/suicide. Things take a strange turn when he starts getting phone calls from his dead niece Ashley (Storm Reid). Jack realises that she is calling from the past and sets out to prevent the killings taking place.

Public Remarks:

However, The story was a little confusing at times as your brain tries to make sure that you are correctly keeping an accurate account of multiple time periods and points of view. The main 2 characters because the cop “Uncle Jack” and his 15 year old niece have a good on screen chemistry and evoke enough feelings of empathy for you to root for them along the way and see how every thing ends.
Reviewing Full Don’t Let Go Movie

Don’t LetGo 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

I really enjoyed this movie because It had me at the edge of my seat many of times. The actors were amazing. I would definitely watch again. Surely did figure out who the bad guy was pretty quickly but that didn’t take away from the suspense. I know some people are upset at the visuals but for me I liked the simplicity of the sci-fi/fantasy. Sometimes movies can be saturated with too much flashy visuals.

I believe it added to the suspense. I wish a little more was put into the antagonist but I also at the end understood why it was lacking because that’s just how deep the rabbit hole really was. But I say all of that with hopes that people will give it a chance because it really was a good movie. The actors and actresses were amazing.

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