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(Ratings: 3/5 Star – 720 Votes)

Mrs Lowry and Son watch online free

Mrs Lowry and Son Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Drama Genre Movie WatchMrs Lowry and Son Movie Online, beautifully acted and poignant story of a mother and son trapped by circumstances in a co-dependent relationship. Come awards season acting nominations come hither.

Cast and Crew:

Film Mrs Lowry and Son Full Movie Movie Cast:
Vanessa Redgrave
Timothy Spall
Watch Mrs Lowry and Son 2019 Free Online Story by:
Martyn Hesford

Movie Mrs Lowry and Son Introduction:

Watch full Mrs Lowry and Son watchonline,

Absolutely marvellous movie, great for everyone of any age. For anyone who loves art and wants to see what sacrifices artists have to make to pursue what is in the words of a ridiculed, ignored Lowry ‘more than a hobby’.

Main character has a wonderful quiet dignity and treads his own path step by step. The relationship with his mother, nature, people that he meets collecting rent, a socialite neighbor all come together to show a complex picture giving a cinematic presentation worthy of Lowry’s own paintings.


Love LS Lowry paintings so was really intrigued to see this part of his life story and am amazed that with all the negative comments from his mother he nevertheless painted with passion and no embellishments what he saw. My favourite line from the script – ‘Look around you, there is beauty in everything’. Wonderful acting from Timothy Spall and Vanessa Redgrave.

Watch Mrs Lowry and Son Online Overview:

Very boring, short and slow film. It was well acted but I was hoping to see more of him painting and of his inspiration (which there was a bit of). Then the end was really rushed through with writing on the screen, rather than being incorporated into the film. I know it was more about his relationship with his mother, but they really dragged it out.

Public Remarks:

I thought it was very moving and sad the acting was first class I didn’t realize his mother was such a controlling spoilt woman it gave a very real insight to a very unhappy man !
Reviewing Full Mrs Lowry and Son

2019 Mrs Lowry and Son Film

Movie Conclusion:

Stellar performances hampered by stodgy direction. One can only wonder what Mike Leigh or Stephen Frears could have done with this.Excellent acting, a powerful and moving film.

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