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Long Shot 2019 Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Romantic Drama Movie Watch 2019 Long Shot Free Movie Online, Okay, so I just finished watching this movie & I am now writing a review on it because it is hands down one of the best comedy/romance rom com movie I have seen ever!!! Like this is now one of my top favorites. The acting was incredibly on point, stayed glued to my computer the whole entire time.

(Had to go pee in like the middle of movie, had to hold that in! *it started to buffer so yeah*) But this is truly like an actual love story, very touching and heartfelt. Don’t let no one push you around whoever you are & stick to the truth this is a great example of what America has lacking very much lately. The writers truly knew what they where doing & I hope that one day in the future I will be able to work for them or act or whatever one day. But seriously this is a must watch movie! WARNING THIS have sex scenes that are not suitable for children but you’ll one day will still have to talk to them about sex. (*This is my 1st ever movie review because it was that good!!!)

Cast and Crew:

Romantic Long Shot 2019 Movie Full Cast:
Seth Rogen
Charlize Theron
O’Shea Jackson Jr.
Andy Serkis
June Diane Raphael
Bob Odenkirk
Alexander Skarsgård
Watch Long Shot 2019 Free Online Story by:
Dan Sterling

Movie Long Shot Introduction:

Watch full Long Shot Movie online. I laughed and smiled from start to finish! This film brings together two characters from different worlds and helps reminds us all to live an authentic life that equally supports love, success and vulnerability. Theron brought a smile to my face all throughout, which really speaks to how well she connected with the character. Rogan was hilarious yet also sensible and mature at times, which really worked well with Charlize.

Long-Shot has an authentic, feel-good vibe. I absolutely loved how innocent and organic the chemistry between Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan was captured. It’s honest. funny. witty, smart and sexy. I see it also as a great reminder of how real connection can still exist in 2019. Anyone who has every tried online dating, this movie helps highlight how great it is to go back to basics, and that the best relationships form naturally. Let’s not forget just how fun it is too.

Every burn works, even the more extreme gags hit the right chords too. Two thumbs up for Rogan and his supportive cast too, I loved every minute. Definitely one of my favourite films. Make sure to watch it tonight!


I am so glad that I picked this movie to watch. I needed a pick me up after feeling a little down. This movie did not disappoint unlike the movie that I watched just prior to this one. I’ve been a fan of the actors that were in this movie from previous roles/films but now the two lead actors, Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan have secured their positions as my new favorites. I’m actually crushing on Seth Rogan right now big time. I know he was acting his role and may not be anything like his character in real life but, he was/is just too adorable.

I loved the story of a woman in a power position reaching for higher office and the compromises and choices that anyone in that place needs to make along with a man taking a hit for maintaining his principles as a journalist unwilling to bow down to corporate control and conspiracy. And the connection between the two characters that they then turn into a new relationship. Then there’s the fun of them getting to know each other as adults. This film is mature fun and funny, thought provoking, full of heart, worthy of the run time, and worthy of the time and space it takes of your life. I highly recommend it. As it finished I was smiling and feeling good.

Watch Long Shot 2019 Online Overview:

All these negative reviewers need to relax, this was HILARIOUS!!! The first half was funny but I expected it to have the typical drop off of comedy after the that, and get sad then silly happy again…. not so much. Right when you assume some contrived break up of the main love interests would happen a very cute and genuine scene between Theron and Rogen plays out with surprisingly great chemistry and emotion. This draws you in and invests you in the characters which allows for the following comedic interlude to hit even harder.

Theron shocked the hell out of me with her comedic abilities in an epic And ridiculous performance in the hostage rescue on Molly scene. We laughed HARD! I have not laughed at a comedic performance outside stand up in about 10 years. Honestly Theron Is funnier than Rogen throughout. They also have a shocking chemistry. I am aware it is ridiculously unrealistic slap stick-esque but if you take it for what it is, A COMEDY and allow yourself to indulge in the ludacris you may actually find yourself being humored and not want to right a scathing google review like its up for Oscar contention and you are a SAG voter.

Public Remarks:

A quirky romantic comedy set in the world of politics starring Seth Rogen & Charlize Theron directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies/The Wackness) from earlier this year.Long Shot full watch free online movie. The president of the USA (oh if that would be the case for our current commander in chief!) decides he wants to try his hand at acting so he lets Theron, a member of his staff, know he’s going to give her a shot at the throne. Enter Rogen, a journalist who has been fired from his job who while attending a function runs into Theron.

They knew each other years before (she was his babysitter) & having some respect for him decides on a whim to hire him as her new speech writer. Together an attraction grows between them even though his standing as a recalcitrant stoner/idiot man child threatens to deep six their union. All of this is fine & good but the overly generous helpings of puerile humor (drug taking, inane sight gags, profanity peppered through the run time for no reason then to be there) capsizes the possibilities of a sharp, modern take on a love affair (this really does feel like a Knocked Up retread w/the only difference being the female lead’s vocation). Once you realize this is the extent of the storytelling, you’re in for an especially long slog. Co-starring in the hi-jinks are O’Shea Jackson, Bob Odenkirk (as the president), Alexander Skarsgård & Andy Serkis in a ridiculously heavy make-up for no reason.

Reviewing Full Long Shot 2019

2019 Long Shot Film

Movie Conclusion:

I generally like Seth Rogen and his films, both those which are hilariously over-the-top and those which are light and simply goofy kind of funny. BUT THIS. I love him. Long Shot full watch online, Yes, it’s kind of typical Seth but I love the cleverness of the character. He pulled it off actually. Funny and smart. And Charlize Theron, gorgeous and sexy as always, also giving justice to her role. Great acting by both of them. Both characters are funny, in some ways almost relatable and simply hilarious.

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