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Secret Obsession Movie Watch Online Free:

Its Secret Obsession psychological thriller Drama Movie Watch Secret Obsession 2019 Free Movie Online. In Secret Obsession, the trailer does give away that Jennifer’s husband isn’t who he seems to be, which may have been the intention as it seems to add to the viewer’s experience of Jennifer’s journey of discovery. It is gripping where you just want her to find out, wonder how she is going to handle this and what will happen next.

Cast and Crew:

Secret Obsession Full Movie Movie Cast:
Brenda Song
Mike Vogel
Dennis Haysbert
Watch Secret Obsession 2019 Free Online Story by:
Kraig Wenman
Peter Sullivan

Movie Secret Obsession Introduction:

Watch full Secret Obsession online. However, there are holes in the plot where certain scenes just didn’t flow and you wonder what was the point of scene, how did that come about and how do certain people meet or know/find each other to create that scene. Backstories of a few characters needed to be explained a bit better, especially towards the end.


Absolutely laughable from post to post. . . It is actually way beyond bad in the whole concept, which begs the answers to so many questions that after a while you stop being concerned at its absolute absurdity at being anywhere near realistic in the slightest and start wondering what will appropriately fall into place in the script next.

Watch Secret Obsession Online Overview:

From the opening car engine not starting (seriously!), even though the wipers were working (yup.. ooops) to burying a body in the middle of your garden with a 3ft mound of dirt and a hand sticking out to the bedroom door being pushed shut (yet needed unlocking with keys some 3 secs later) . . oh actually, i give up . . it was horrendous.

I have to confess i didn’t make it to its very obvious end. . . after her rubber ankle got broken for the umpteenth time I screamed at the TV and turned it off. . . I mean, the house was a complete showroom . . oh its awful, seriously, you wont get that 90 minutes back ever folks.. avoid. . The two main actors have basically got their last cheque ever. .

Public Remarks:

Moreover, I honestly think the director and writers didn’t do Brenda Song any justice. But It’s like they gave her a Disney Channel level script with a cheap thriller plot and promised that it would kick her into an adult film career and she got the short end of the stick just like her character did.
Reviewing Full Secret Obsession Movie

Secret Obsession 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

The entire movie had me yelling, “No, you’re doing it wrong!” The feeble hostage did NOTHING right to get her out of that situation. I was counting the potential weapons. She could have used throughout house and there had to have been no less than 10 things in each room. By the way, could have used to fight back.

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