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Its a Biography and Fantasy Movie Watch Rocketman Free Movie Online, I just watched Rocket man today! I have been waiting for months to see this film. It exceeded my expectations it was great! I love love love the directing the writing the acting the music the story of inspiration, hope, struggle, pain, and triumphing, conquering, strengthening, empowering, and how real it feels. It truly feels like Elton John sat with the team and told them his life story and had a very strong hand in the way he was portrayed. I felt happy, sad, broken, empowered, strong, and at peace all in different moments throughout this film! Great job very well done!

Cast and Crew:

Bio Film Rocketman Full Movie Movie Cast:
Taron Egerton
Jamie Bell
Richard Madden
Bryce Dallas Howard
Rocketman 2019 Free Online Story by:
Lee Hall

Movie Rocketman Introduction:

Watch full Rocketman 2019 Movie Free watch online, best movie I have ever seen. The acting, singing and directing made it hard for me to look away. The writers of the movie made Rocketman a beautiful musical in which everyone loved.

It takes you on a journey of Elton John’s life, through his eyes. Showing the audience how the lows of his life were very low, and how his highs were very high. To simplify the movie into a few words I would describe it as extravagant, fascinating, marvelous, wonderful and magnificent. The fact that Elton John is still standing today is as incredible as his own movie.


Far superior to Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman really connects to people. The whole set of direction, script, and acting makes the spectator empathize with such amazing characters and story, to the point of being completely absorbed into this melodramatic and hysterical world of excess and sequin. Taron Egerton has every reason to be satisfied and proud of his portrayal of Elton John, and I bet he’ll be an award contender for next award ceremony season. Jamie Bell and Richard Madden were absolutely stunning as well. Both of them have grown so much as actors and also deserve standing ovations and nominations.

Watch Rocketman Overview:

I think I had greater expectations from this movie . I think it has a hard time trying to work out how to deliver this story which could have been so interesting. Apart from Eltons character which I agree was self pitying there was no character development bod the other cardboard characterisations.

The production and costumes added to the excess but the anachronistic use of music set to fantasy interpretations of key passages in Eltons life were saccharine and failed to convince. Hard to do a biopic understandably with the backer looming large over a project but it was less Bohemian Rhapsody and more a biopic fantasist Mama Mia use of a very influential persona in modern musical history.

Public Remarks:

Rocketman was a cool movie. While I always knew that Elton John was enormously successful, I never knew how incredibly intelligent he actually was. The scene when he was maybe 12 years old and his Grandma took him to the piano teacher was absolutely the coolest.

I also had no idea how unloved he was by his father and mother which drove him to his alcoholism and drug addiction. The scene where he first came to America and performed in LA was also the coolest scene of all. Altogether, I really liked this film. Elton John was one extraordinary performer.
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2019 Rocketman Film

Movie Conclusion:

This movie blew me away. At first I thought it was La La land take off but gave it a chance and glad I did. When a movie can bring you to tears you know its powerful. When Elton got to hug his younger self in rehab it all made sense.

I’m guessing Elton could of avoided all the bad things that happened to him if he just got a hug when he was younger. Written, directed, produced, and Photography was awesome. I’m curious how the academy will feel next year. This movie better take home some statues.

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