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Black and Blue watch online free

Black and Blue Movie Watch Online Free:

Watch Online Black and Blue Free Movie 2019. Its a Thriler Drama Movie Watch Black and Blue Free Movie Online. I thought this movie was great because it is so relevant to what has been happening for years and sheds both light and insight on issues in this country that sadly run very deep within communities of color, within law enforcement and between both parties. The distrust is real, yet unreal and disheartening….. on both sides of the perspective coin.

Cast and Crew:

Thriller Film Black and Blue Full Movie Movie Cast:
Naomie Harris
Tyrese Gibson
Frank Grillo
Mike Colter
Reid Scott
Beau Knapp
Watch Black and Blue Free Online Story by:
Peter A. Dowling

Movie Black and Blue Introduction:

Watch online Black and Blue free movie 2019 thriller film. I love how dynamic the movie was, because the bottom line is that we should not have to choose to put ourselves in a box or category, when we are all human. She was both black and blue. Both an individual and community member, both a victim and a hero, both ostracized and included, an insider and an outsider, a protecter and one needing protection.


As an African American woman from New Orleans, I have not personally had any negative experiences with any police to expand on (in New Orleans or other places I have lived) .But I do know people who have been profiled, harassed, etc.

Also, it only takes a quick Google search to find situations occurring on a daily basis that are so deeply heart breaking, regarding blatant abuse of power, marginalization, disenfranchisement. Lack of understanding, willful disregard and disconnection….especially if one thinks this was all fiction. The fact is that there are good and bad people on both sides of the law, which must be acknowledged and dealt with.

Watch Black and Blue Online Overview:

There is a part of the movie when Naomi’s character explains that she came to a point where she realized life is not about judgment or race or any of the reasons we find to rationalize division…. It is simply about living and respecting differences, valuing human life, standing for what is right, and clear delineation of what is wrong. If more people thought this way, we would have less dehumanization of one another and more respect for people’s right to exist, regardless of anything that makes us different.

Public Remarks:

I would highly recommend this movie, and encourage anyone who goes to see it to do to so with an open mind. In my opinion, this movie is so much more than “entertainment”, “acting”, who is in it, or assumed exaggerations, because every scene in this film is or has been someone’s reality (literally or metaphorically)….one shouldn’t have to had any of these realities as your own, in order to acknowledge what is happening every day somewhere, on some level…to me it’s about the message.
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Black and Blue Film

Movie Conclusion:

.I liked it! It was suspenseful and pointed out how sometimes when you truly want to serve Justice, it can cost you your life! It also pointed out how trouble can just disrupt your life and although you may want to mind your own business, sometimes you gotta get involved to make a difference. The movie keeps your attention and the social Injustices and hood scenes were exaggerated to express the greater point that these areas and lifestyles still do exist in today’s society.

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