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Its a Mystery Drama Movie Watch Official Secrets Free Movie Online. I actually felt this because was one of keira knightley’s best performances – she was totally believable as Catherine Gun, rarely allowing even a hint of a smile to cross her face. Such was the seriousness of the subject matter. This young lady (Gun) had an inner moral code that would not allow her to ignore because what she had witnessed in the form of an inflammatory email to GCHQ where she worked. So brave.

I was totally absorbed in this dramatization of the true events that finally exposed how corrupt politicians try to peddle lies to the masses. Knightly was ably supported by a fine cast including Ralph Fiennes, Tamsin Grieg in a cameo role and the super Matt Smith. Excellent and well worth watching.

Cast and Crew:

Film Official Secrets Full Movie Movie Cast:
Keira Knightley
Matt Smith
Matthew Goode
Rhys Ifans
Adam Bakri
Ralph Fiennes
Official Secrets 2019 Free Online Story by:
The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War by Marcia & Thomas Mitchell.

Movie Official Secrets Introduction:

Watch full Official Secrets watch online, a reminder of how fast the sins of the past fade from our collective memory. As a movie it was brilliant with powerful acting that was immersive. And you really couldn’t look away as you’d miss something. The journey was gripping, from Guns ethical conflicts to her drama with the secret service, and to top it off this all actually happened.


This is a cinematic pleasure because which explores the deceitful past to remind us that we must resist in the present government deceitfulness, malfeasance and brutality. Katherine Gun will always be a hero, unlike Colin Powell who lied to the world about weapons of mass destruction. All involved in this decision to attack Iraq under false pretenses should face criminal charges.

This includes Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden who voted for Cheney;s war. It can be argued but the invasion of Iraq might be the greatest foreign policy disaster ever made by a U.S. president with the help of Congress. Don’t miss the film version of one person having the courage to blow the whistle while facing intense and severe pressure to be quiet.

Watch Official Secrets Overview:

The most important film in decades. Doubtless it will receive indifferent reviews but from the same mainstream media because that has been assisting in government cover-ups for years, but that’s to be expected. I’m amazed it got made actually.

Public Remarks:

Amazing film! Totally loved it because A film that speaks the truth and has the courage to bring corrupt governments to account. Everyone should see this movie!. The real criminals are those at the top but who lie to suit their criminal agenda to rape weaker countries of their resources and control our planet!
Reviewing Official Secrets (2019)

2019 Official Secrets Film

Movie Conclusion:

Great film!!, I think any film that’s going to even try to talk about what happened in Iraq has got be compelling. But also stick as close as possible to the facts and this film does exactly that. I have to admit I’d never heard of Katherine Gun before so it was nice to learn about someone new.

she is what a REAL hero (heroine) is, someone who realized that the truth and the right to know trumps your job. Even the law sometimes and anyone who regards because that as treason or treachery needs their head examining.

Sorry if I’m a little blunt but that’s the sort of guy I am, overall a great film telling a equally tragic and fascinating true story.

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