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Io 2019 Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Science Fiction Movie Watch IO Full Movie Free Online. When Earth became completely inhabitable, humanity was forced to flee outside the planet in an attempt to find a new haven. One person, however, watch IO full movie and then decided to stay and start a life anew. During my 96 minutes of watching the film, I can’t erase the fact that it feels like a distant prequel to Disney’s WALL-E back in 2008 — well, a bland prequel to be exact.

Cast and Crew:

2019 IO Full Movie Movie Cast:
Margaret Qualley
Anthony Mackie
Danny Huston
Watch IO “Io”Free Online Story by:
Clay Jeter
Charles Spano
Will Basanta

Movie IO/Io Introduction:

Watch full Io watch online, I started off liking this film, but the ‘romance’ ruined it. From the description on Netflix, I was prepared for a wholesome mutual friendship between Micah and Sam, but that was not what happened. Instead, Sam lies to Micah who for some reason doesn’t care, Micah has anger issues and hits things and shouts, Sam gets naked in front of Micah who peeps at her, Sam gets it on with Micah (who says ‘I can’t’ but like.. You did..) because her Internet boyfriend dumped her, apparently none of them thought to use protection (not surprised at Sam because seemingly she lived her whole adolescence alone with her dad and wasn’t necessarily given the ‘talk’, timelines are unclear).


And the creepiest part of this is not necessarily the age gap, but the fact that Sam is so young that she doesn’t remember the world as the world is now whereas Micah does, and should know better than to sleep with a girl not only half his age but with the maturity level of a 4 year old (her whole life as she remembers is living in the same place with her mom and dad who then died, with little social interaction or knowledge on how relationships and society works).

Watch Io Online Overview:

What do you need to produce a lo-fi sci-fi independent film nowadays? Low-budget – check.

Visually appealing CGI – check.

An apocalyptic event – check.

A mission to save the world – check.

Environmental boundaries – check.

Moral dilemma – check.

Mythical/religious undertones – check.

An absorbing storyline, good dialogue and well-directed actors – …. (We’ll come onto that).

Public Remarks:

I loved this movie. I find the negative reviewers are missing the point and not enjoying the deeper thoughts it can provoke. Watching Sam cling to her beloved earth in the final days before all life is likely extinguished gives the viewer a dark sense of foreboding.
Reviewing Full IO Movie

Io 2019 Film

Movie Conclusion:

This movie is a very complex yet simple film, and very much open for interpretation, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. If you pay close attention to previous reviews and critiques of this movie, you’ll notice that many people who rated it poorly look upon it in literal terms. They find the plot boring when in comparison with the average science fiction film, are frustrated by the missing pieces and lack of closure, and feel its intentions were not well executed.

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