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Pokemon Detective Pikachu Watch Online Free

New Pokemon 2019 Detective Pikachu Movie Watch Online Free:

Its a Pokemon series new Detective Pikachu Movie. Watch Detective Pikachu Online Free Movie. I LOVED IT! The story was good, I liked the characters, the Pokemon were really cute, good special effects and everything, it was great!

Cast and Crew:

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Movie Cast:
Ryan Reynolds
Justice Smith
Kathryn Newton
Suki Waterhouse
Omar Chaparro
Watch Detective Pikachu 2019 Free Online Story by:
Detective Pikachu
by The Pok√©mon Company Creatures, Inc.

Detective Pikachu Introduction:

Watch full Detective Pikachu online, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Pokemon Detective Pikachu but decided to give it a shot since it was a big part of my childhood. I love mystery films and old school whodunit plots and this movie really delivered on that front.

It was obvious some of the actors were unseasoned, but the main actor Justice Smith was great and I think I’m now a fan after this film. It’s hard to watch Pokemon and not wish that Ash Ketchum was around there somewhere, but Justice did an excellent job.

Watch Detective Pikachu Online Overview:

I am a huge Pokemon fan that has over 500 pokemon cards. I love all Pokemon movies. Just this one, it made Pikachu a bit more fluffy than i had always imagined. I still enjoyed the movie though. I also found out the big clue before i even saw the move (about his dad). But yeah it was pretty good. Just to add on I am 13 almost 14, so yeah plz take my review seriously.

Public Remarks:

Despite only being an hour and a half long this movie is fantastic and brought back beautiful childhood memories of Pokemon. It’s undoubtedly a must see in my opinion, with easy to follow plot, with emotional and laugh out loud moments, how could you not enjoy it!
Reviewing Full Detective Pikachu Movie

Detective Pikachu 2019 Pokemon Film

Movie Conclusion:

Fantastic, as a pokemon fan since they came around when I was a child I was very pleased with the movie. It was fun, witty, visually appealing, exciting, heartfelt, and nostalgic. It was a new take on a beloved topic and in my opinion beautifully executed by the film crew. Would definitely recommend for anyone who has ever enjoyed pokemon or children who do.

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