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The Beach Bum 2019 Free Online Watch Movie:

The Beach Bum Free Watch Online Movie 2019, Moondog is a fun-loving, pot-smoking, beer-drinking writer who lives life on his own terms in Florida. Luckily, his wife Minnie loves him for exactly those qualities. A tragic accident brings unexpected changes to Moondog’s relaxed lifestyle. Suddenly, putting his literary talent to good use and finishing the next great American novel is a more pressing matter than he would have liked it to be.

Cast and Crew:

The Beach Bum Full Movie Movie Cast:
Matthew McConaughey
Snoop Dogg
Isla Fisher
Jimmy Buffett
Zac Efron
Martin Lawrence
Jonah Hill
Watch The Beach Bum 2019 Free Online Story by:
Harmony Korine

Movie The Beach Bum Introduction:

Watch full The Beach Bum 2019 watch online, It had that waiting to start feeling well over halfway into the thing, so there’s that to start with. I call it a thing because I think thing is probably what it is. It’s not a story, if you try to view it as such you’ll just come up short and see it as a modern hack of Fear and Loathing on a beach.

Mathew would not have been my first choice for the gig, he’s lacking the sardonic nature that Moon Dog is clearly supposed to possess. However it’s still Mat and he doesn’t suck. Having called it a thing, when it’s all said and done I liked the thing. I liked it because it was entertaining and it was at least somewhat different. You have to ignore important plot development lines that either never occurred or were never divulged to the audience in order to like it.

If you can’t do that then don’t bother with it. However if you can then I recommend this as an adult viewing at home on a dark couch with either a doob or a cocktail to accompany you.

Watch The Beach Bum Online Overview:

This is the very first movie I have ever walked out of in my entire life. I waited and waited for it to get better and it actually got worse. I didn’t think it could get worse but it actually did. Matthew McConaughey stooped to an all time low. He isn’t the best actor I’ve seen and taking on this role shows his desperation for work. I was surprised to see Zac Effron and Isla Fischer in this movie. I thought they would be more selective in where it would take their careers. The movie had no story, no plot, bad acting, inexcusable behavior, boring, slow, repetitive.

It looked as though they wanted Mathews character to show the audience that it’s ok to drink constantly and do drugs, have sex with multitudes of women of not the greatest breeding, grab other men by their genitals, embarrass his daughter at her wedding, rob a man begging for money in his wheelchair, break out of rehab and expect laughter from the audience and act like a complete lunatic from beginning to end.

I found it a disgrace to every actor and producer out there. It was the worst film I’ve ever seen. I almost fell asleep a few times. Other people left the theatre and only about 15 people remained I’m assuming until the bitter end. It was agonizing to watch. A slap in the face to every human being especially women. I rate this movie 1% and that’s being generous. Rotten tomatoes was very generous to the writers and producers.

Public Remarks:

This movie is absolutely amazing, I was drawn into every scene of this movie. I love and appreciate Matthew’s outlook on life! Live in the moment kind of movie. Very refreshing in a meditative state of mind sort of way. Even though I don’t smoke weed or do drugs I still can appreciate & accept the way people live their lives.

This is great insight to a successful mindset. Money isn’t everything, but spinning a positive outlook on negative events is the key to true happiness. LOVE THIS FILM & HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL.

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