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(Ratings: 4.5/5 Star – 780 Votes)

Extreme Job Watch Online

Extreme Job Korean 2019 Movie:

Extreme-Job 2019 is a Korean Crime/Action English movie available to watch online obviously full and free in better HD quality. The Blue-ray and DVD rip option available already. Narcotics detectives work under cover in a chicken joint to try and bust a gang of organized criminals. Things take an unexpected turn when their new recipe suddenly transforms the run-down restaurant into the hottest eatery in town.

Cast and Crew:

Watch Extreme Job Movie Movie Cast:
Ryu Seung-ryong
Lee Hanee
Jin Seon-kyu
Lee Dong-hwi
Gong Myung
Watch Extreme Job 2019 Online Story by:
Bae Se-young


Extreme Job watch online: A team of detectives start a chicken restaurant for an undercover drug-bust operation, but end up busier than ever when their chicken restaurant becomes famous for its food. But somehow, they found out that their chicken chain is distributing drugs, and they are arrested drug gangs.


Wow just wow, Because i think south Koreans films are the best films compared to Hollywood .But the plot itself is different,hilarious. Therefore Bunch of cops go undercover to catch a criminal,they bought a restaurant ,with no business, to do their activities to catch him.

But they end up selling fried chicken which become so popular and people throng to that place and they make so much profit.which is hilarious.must watch movie in 2019.

Even the trailer is nice, because it show the comedy side, therefore I will go to see it the whole movie itself. SK drama and movie got a magnificent improvement Even in some drama, u can feel the movie rhyme.

Public Remarks:

I don’t remember when i enjoyed laughing my ass-off!!!, because humor this movie has it’s what lacking from h.wood movies nowadays!, but plot is simple ill faming Korean narcotics detectives trying to gain their name capturing drug gang!

Somehow To do that,they doing undercover job as chicken restaurant runners next to gang operating place!,how did they succeed it rest of the story. / Extreme Job 2019 online watch.

2019 Extreme Job Hollywood Movie


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